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Smile Confidently With Dentures

Missing teeth is a common dental issue among patients. In fact, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, nearly 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Gaps in your smile can impair your speech, ability to chew, and facial appearance. Thankfully, we can restore your smile using a long-trusted method — traditional dentures.

Learn how Atlanta dentist Dr. Thomas W. Kauffman can restore your smile at our Atlanta office. Thanks to this reliable tooth replacement, you can be confident in your new set of teeth and be ready for any social situation.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices designed to replace multiple missing teeth. These custom-crafted appliances are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of your mouth and are easily removable. While patients assume that dentures are clunky and ill-fitting restorations, modern advances in dental technology have made these fixtures a reliable and comfortable treatment option.

Types of Dentures

We offer both partial and full dentures for your convenience. During your initial consultation with Dr. Kauffman, he’ll determine which set will work best depending on your oral health needs. Either type can be supported by implants surgically placed into the patient’s jaw for maximum stability and functionality.

Full and partials provide patients who are missing teeth with a natural-looking and reliable dental replacement.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are porcelain fixtures that are secured using metal clasps strategically placed on your natural teeth. This restoration is typically reserved for patients missing a few of their natural teeth. Before partials can be implanted to complete your smile, Dr. Kauffman has to prepare the enamel of your real teeth so your restoration will sit properly in your mouth without shifting.

Full Dentures

Traditional full dentures are used for patients missing most or all of their natural teeth. Dr. Kauffman recommends these types of dentures for patients with severe cases of tooth loss, such as missing an entire arch. During your evaluation, Dr. Kauffman will take impressions of your remaining teeth to fabricate a full set to complete your smile.

Depending on your oral health, your full dentures will be secured in your mouth via suction or attached to your remaining natural teeth for further durability. Different types of full dentures may also be used for patients who have undergone certain dental procedures, such as tooth extractions.

Conventional Full Dentures

implant dentures

Conventional full dentures are prosthetics that are placed after a patient has undergone tooth extraction. Once the treated area is fully healed, Dr. Kauffman will carefully place your new fixture over the gums and bone, which shrink as they heal. These restorations are adjusted over several appointments to ensure functionality and aesthetics for patients.

Dr. Kauffman focuses on creating a porcelain denture that looks natural and appropriate for any person’s gender, facial appearance, age, and personal oral health preference.

Immediate Full Dentures

Immediate full dentures are placed in the patient’s mouth right after they have undergone tooth extraction. Before you undergo the procedure, Dr. Kauffman will take impressions of your teeth to create your full denture, ensuring that it matches your natural teeth.

After the extraction, Dr. Kauffman will place the immediate full denture over the empty socket, allowing you to leave our Atlanta office with a complete and beautiful smile. While these work well for most patients, you’ll need to return to our office at a later date so our staff can continue to adjust your fixture as the treated site heals.

Living With Dentures

Patients who have received either full or partials will adjust to their new teeth within a few weeks. Over time, your facial muscles will adapt to your new fixtures. While your speech may be a bit slurred at first, this side effect will eventually subside. If you experience any issues or complications, Dr. Kauffman will provide the necessary attention your smile will need to function properly.

Our Atlanta office recommends that patients follow a proper oral hygiene regimen to maintain the condition of their dentures. This includes brushing or soaking their fixtures with a product approved by the American Dental Association to reduce bacteria and eliminate bad breath.

Maintaining Your Dentures

It’s important to take care of your dentures to ensure their longevity and make sure your smile stays clean in the process. To clean your restorations, remove them and gently brush them using a soft-bristled toothbrush every day. It’s also a good idea to soak them in a non-abrasive cleanser overnight.

Are You A Candidate for Dentures?

Dentures are an ideal dental solution for patients who have multiple missing teeth due to injury or poor oral health care. To determine if you’re a candidate, you can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Kauffman at our Atlanta office. He’ll conduct a full evaluation of your mouth and jaw as well as answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dentures have to be worn all the time?
How long do dentures last?
Are there any complications associated with dentures?
Will insurance pay for dentures?
Do dentures have to be worn all the time?

It’s up to you to determine when and for how long to wear your dentures. All patients should remove them at night in order to give their gums time to rest. Most patients decide to wear their restorations based on their own preferred schedule and day-to-day routine.

How long do dentures last?

Dentures can last from five to eight years depending on the type of fixture. This is due to natural wear and tear that happens over time. However, with proper care and cleaning, you can extend the life of your dentures. Dr. Kauffman will give you a list of instructions on how to care for your new dentures.

Are there any complications associated with dentures?

You won’t experience any complications with your dentures as long as you maintain a good hygiene regimen, which includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing daily, and scheduling biannual checkups with Dr. Kauffman.

Potential complications can include:

  • Difficulty eating or chewing
  • Gums and mouth become irritated or infected
  • Slurred speech patterns

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to call our office immediately at (404) 524-1981 so our staff can help you on your way to a healthy smile.

Will insurance pay for dentures?

Most insurance policies will cover a portion of your treatment depending on what type of dentures you’ll receive. Our Atlanta office recommends contacting your dental insurance provider ahead of time to learn more about your policy. You can also call our office at (404) 524-1981 so that our helpful staff can answer any questions you may have about your coverage.

Complete Your Smile With Dr. Kauffman

Dentures are the perfect solution for patients missing multiple missing teeth. Our Atlanta practice offers partial and full dentures that Dr. Kauffman can apply to complete your smile. To learn more about this treatment option, contact our office by calling (404) 524-1981 or by filling out our convenient online contact form. We look forward to giving you the smile you deserve.

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