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Dental Care Is More Than Just Your Teeth

Dentists like Dr. Kauffman understand the important relationship your oral health has with your ears, nose, and throat. That’s why our Atlanta, GA office collaborates with ENT physicians to get you the care you need. While dentists and otolaryngologists specialize in different areas of your head and neck, these fields often overlap. This can include issues such as TMJ Disorder, sleep apnea, and oral cancer.

Your Smile & Cone-Beam Imaging

Our Atlanta, GA office is the 14th-certified dental practice in the United States to use cone-beam imaging. This technology can produce 3D images of your oral cavity to help with diagnosis and finding any underlying issues with your smile. Our imaging can help with other areas, including your airway or sinuses.

Dr. Kauffman Discusses How He Works With ENT Physicians & Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

What can dentists and ENT specialists treat?
Can an ENT specialist both diagnose and treat TMD?
Are there any risks associated with jaw-related issues?
Does insurance cover jaw-related care?
What can dentists and ENT specialists treat?

Conditions that can be treated by both dentists and ENT specialists include:

  • Jaw Pain
  • Bruxism
  • TMD
  • Sleep Apnea

It may be beneficial to seek out both types of medical professionals if you have any overlapping issues for treatment that’s tailored to your unique case. Be sure to ask your dentist if they recommend seeing an ENT specialist for your specific oral health needs.

Can an ENT specialist both diagnose and treat TMD?

Yes! ENT specialists are trained to diagnose and treat jaw pain or TMD similarly to dentists. It’s likely you may also be referred to a dentist or oral surgeon to receive additional treatment. Since both fields are concerned with the health of your jaw, dentists and ENT specialists can address your issues by combining their industry knowledge and years of experience.

Are there any risks associated with jaw-related issues?

Issues related to your jaw or sinus cavity can put your entire oral health at risk. This can potentially damage your teeth or cause you to have difficulty speaking, eating, and chewing properly. The best way to achieve optimal oral health is to visit your dentist and see if they’ll recommend you to see an ENT specialist depending on your specific issue.

Does insurance cover jaw-related care?

Yes! Most dental insurance companies partially cover the care related to your jaw, sinus cavities, and neck muscles if they’re deemed medically necessary. However, it’s important to contact your provider so that you can get a better understanding of your benefits. Be sure to also ask your dentist if they offer financing options for out-of-pocket costs.

Receive Optimal Care for Your Smile

Dental care is usually straightforward, but certain issues may require the expertise of other specialists. If you’re dealing with issues related to your ears, nose, and throat that are impacting your teeth, Dr. Kauffman can work with you and an ENT specialist. Give our Atlanta, GA practice a call at (404) 924-4376 or fill out our online contact form. We also serve patients in Oakland, South Downtown, and Cabbagetown, GA.

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