Who’s A Candidate For Sedation Dentistry? in Downtown Atlanta, GA

Are You A Candidate For Sedation Dentistry? Dr. Kauffman Explains

Do you dread going to the dentist?  Does the thought of having dental work done make your stress levels skyrocket?  If so, you aren’t alone. Many people experience some anxiety when visiting the dentist, whether due to a fear of pain, the sounds and smells of dental procedures, or embarrassment over the state of their teeth.

Luckily, sedation dentistry can help. With sedation, you receive medication to relax before and during appointments. Sedation lets you undergo dental procedures with little to no anxiety or discomfort. 

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Good Candidates For Sedation Dentistry

Those with Dental Anxiety or Phobia

Approximately 12 percent of Americans have extreme dental anxiety, known as dental phobia. Dental phobias lead to avoiding the dentist altogether, causing rapid oral health deterioration. 

Thankfully, sedation dentistry curbs anxiety for those prone to heightened dental chair stress. The sedatives bring patients to a relaxed, drowsy state so they can comfortably undergo procedures.

People Prone to Gagging

A sensitive gag reflex makes dental work extremely challenging. From impressions to fillings and other treatments, gagging and choking can halt procedures quickly. Sedation significantly minimizes the body’s natural reflexes so any treatments can smoothly proceed without discomfort.

Those with Extensive Dental Needs

Do years of neglected oral care leave you with many problems? Have you put off the dentist and now require procedures like fillings, root canals, and extractions? Even those with numerous dental health issues can comfortably get care with sedation. Whether you need one extended appointment or several, sedation lets you relax while your dentist revives your oral health.

Patients Requiring Lengthy Appointments

Some advanced cosmetic and restorative treatments, like dental implants, smile makeovers with veneers, full mouth reconstructions, etc., take hours in the dental chair. Being still while fully alert is challenging for that long. Sedation makes time pass quicker, so you’ll wake up with a radiant smile.

Children and Patients with Special Needs

Young children have short attention spans, making extended dental visits difficult. Additionally, patients with special needs like autism or orthopedic issues may have trouble keeping still or processing what’s happening. Pediatric dentists may rely on sedation techniques so these patients remain relaxed and cooperative during tailored care.

Who Isn’t A Good Sedation Dentistry Candidate?

Those with Certain Medical Conditions

While sedation dentistry is extremely safe, it may not be appropriate for every patient. Those with certain medical conditions may need clearance from a primary physician first. We’ll thoroughly assess your health history to see if sedation could be risky for existing health concerns.

Patients Taking Certain Medications

Some prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, and recreational substances can interact poorly with sedatives used in dentistry. We must know everything you take to verify sedation won’t pose problems. Provide complete medical information so we can determine eligibility.

Those Unable to be Monitored Afterward

Sedation requirements include having a responsible adult escort you home after appointments. Additionally, you cannot be responsible for dependent individuals post-sedation as you’ll need time to recover from medication effects. Arrange proper transportation and dependent care ahead of time.

Patients with Past Sedation Complications

If you’ve previously experienced adverse reactions, breathing issues, or other sedation-related complications, inform us immediately. We likely won’t recommend attempting sedation again, depending on your dental needs.

Unsure if You’re a Fit? Ask Atlanta Sedation Dentist Dr. Kauffman

Still trying to decide whether sedation dentistry is right for you? Don’t hesitate to call our office to learn more! We’ll thoroughly evaluate your dental needs and health history to determine if sedation could help you achieve your oral health goals comfortably. 

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