Covid-19 updates: Our office is currently open and seeing new and existing patients with all dental needs. Please be advised all patients are required to wear a mask upon arrival, and temperatures will be taken for each patient at check-in. Please contact the office for detailed instructions on entering the building as we are allowing a limited amount of patients up at a time.

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Patti P
★★★★★ 8/1/2019
I always have a great experience when I visit the dentist

Martha C
★★★★★ 7/24/2019
Prompt attention to me as a patient answered my questions in terms that I could understand relative to my dental care.

Lisa A
★★★★★ 7/10/2019
Been going to the office for 18 years! Always professional, friendly and efficient. Excellent care by doctor, hygienist and staff.

Jessica C
★★★★★ 7/2/2019
Very pleasant visit. I was so scared to do a root canal because so many people had bad experiences. When I tell you it took me 6 years to finally face my fear only to have had no pain in my tooth when finished. Very professional. I have found a new dentist. Thank you GOD!

Raquel C
★★★★★ a month ago
I really enjoy going to the dentist. Yes, I said that! Hard to believe.I have learned so much about taking care of my teeth and gums. I don't have the anxiety I used to experience with my past dentists. The staff is great, their …More

Nancy D
★★★★★ 6/28/2019
Love everyone in the office. All helpful, professional, skilled and personable.
S Welter
★★★★★ 6/9/2019
Dr. Kauffman and his staff are the best! My husband and I travel from out of the state to ensure the best dental care. We would consider nothing less! Great team and awesome dentist!

Gregory B
★★★★★ 06/4/2019
Dr. Kauffman and his staff are professional and friendly. I highly recommend him.

Tim H
★★★★★ 05/29/2019
Bite Guaerd update was required and replaced...noted that it needed adjustment. Mia who is Dr. Kauffman primary assistant was able to adjust the bite guard to fit need...Also set date for Hygienist. Note, the advantage of being a patient of Dr. Kauffman's is he maintains the highest quality of technology and equipment. in addition, his staff is fully trained to maximize capability of the equipment and streamline the patient experience! I would highly recommend Dr. Kauffman's & his staff because they are "active listeners" enabling the patient to comfortably, and confidently express their opinions...Note, Dr. Kauffman has also done an outstanding job in placing dental implants my compromised teeth. Best Regards, Tim Hayes
Vincent Willis
★★★★★ 05/17/2019
Great environment. Dr Kauffman and staff are top notch.
Marielousie L
★★★★★ 05/17/2019
On entering the office I immediately felt relaxed. The staff was very polite and welcoming and I felt good. Dr. Kauffman and his assistants were exceptional and made me feel at home and comfortable. He is very warm, professional and after my examination I loved the way he explained everything, giving me my options, etc. It was indeed a great experience and hats off to Dr. Kauffman and staff and a special thanks to Valerie. God bless you all.
Claire Stout
★★★★★ 05/9/2019
Always great service! Appointment was for a cleaning but one of my crowns had fallen and as always they were able to arrange for this to be repaired as part of my appointment. You will not find a better dentist or dental office anywhere in Atlanta.
Rita Burgues
★★★★★ 05/7/2019
I had a cleaning and a filling done yesterday and received excellent personalized service, as always. I have been a patient for over 20 years and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my dental care.
Debbie Lange
★★★★★ 05/3/2019
Dr. Kauffman and his staff are so friendly and warm. They always made sure I was comfortable during my visit. Dr. Kauffman has a great personality and took the time to talk to me about my dental concerns. I highly recommend this practice!
Mary Kee
★★★★★ 04/4/2019
I had a great visit. No waiting. Very attentive and thorough. Hygienist explained all she was doing as she progressed.
Ed Tomlinson
★★★★★ 04/14/2019
I broke a tooth under a crown recently and the crown came off. Dr. K's staff got in me promptly and a few hours later the tooth was repaired and a new crown was in place. The staff is excellent and Dr. K's skills are absolutely amazing.
Austin Wells
★★★★★ 04/24/2019
I went to see Dr. Kauffman as a new patient today. It was hands down the best experience I've ever had at any health care practice. Thank you to the entire staff and Dr. Kauffman for being so kind and helpful.
Jake Riggs
★★★★★ 02/27/2019
Always a great experience, great staff, great facilities, and great location!

Ronald Leone
★★★★★ 02/13/2019
Very comfortable experience. The staff is professional and make you feel at ease. Dr. Kauffman was very knowledgeable and explained in detail all that was going on in my mouth. Plus he also found a serious sinuous problem through his state of the art imaging. I would highly recommend him for all of you dental needs.

Dawnn Inge
★★★★★ 02/12/2019
Very Knowledgeable and helpful staff and Dr. they did everything possible to make me comfortable. Looking forward to my next visit.

Najhala H
★★★★★ 02/01/2019
Dr. Kauffman was very friendly and professional. He easily explained options for treatment and provided quiality care. The office and staff were very welcoming and made the experience as comfortable as possible.
Michael G
★★★★★ 01/18/2019
Great professional service - as usual!
Lewis R
★★★★★ 01/17/2019
The appointment went extremely well overall. Erica does a great job with the cleaning. Thorough and efficient. Tom's review is always very good. thanks.

Josephine Sanders
★★★★★ 12/20/2018
I am pleased with the personal care and concern that the entire staff provides. All staff members perform their jobs. with excellence and are very professional.
Janis Winogradsky
★★★★★ 12/13/2018
Always an great experience at Dr. Kauffman's office. The office staff is friendly and helpful. Hygienist Erica is excellent - I look forward to seeing her. And Dr. Kauffman has given my family wonderful care for 20 years. He is kind, thoughtful, and has made the right call for our health every time.
Petunia Gissendaner
★★★★★ 11/15/2018
I appreciate the professional environment of this dental office.
John-Joseph Jackson
★★★★★ 11/7/2018
Dr. Kauffman and his expert team have been helping me for the past year and I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my dental needs. The staff listens and explains treatment options and I always feel like I'm being given sufficient detail and explanation on procedures to make a well-informed decision. The practice is also on the smaller side which makes you feel like an individual and not on a dental assembly line like other practices I've been to in the past. Highest recommendation.
Robin Selvey
★★★★★ 11/1/2018
My experience was a good one. I was able to find out the status of my teeth and what needed to be done which was the most important part I had my teeth cleaned by Britney who was absolutely amazing! As a matter of fact I plan to arrange that she do my cleanings from here on out. I will have some work done by Dr Kauffman and I feel confident that he will do a excellent job
Rita Burgues
★★★★★ 10/25/2018
I have been a patient for over 20 years and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my dental care.
Robin Coleman
★★★★★ 10/24/2018
My visit to Dr. Kauffman for treatment was one of the most exceptional ones I have had. His office staff is very professional, and I saw him exactly at my scheduled appointment time. Dr. Kauffman is a skilled surgeon and did an exceptionally thorough diagnostic examination before recommending treatment. During the entire procedure both he and his staff provided me with all the information and explanation I needed. There was never a time that I felt confused or unsure of what was happening. The office and Dr. Kauffman provided exceptional care and post-treatment follow-up. He is one of the finest oral surgeons in Atlanta in my experience.

★★★★★ 10/24/2018
My experience was great! The staff was kind and Dr. Kauffman was extremely gentle consider the pain I was in. I was pleased with my visit.
Austin Feldvebel
★★★★★ 10/16/2018
They were extremely thorough, had advanced tools that told me things I never knew, and were kind and super helpful. I enjoyed my experience and I'm sure I'll continue to use them.

Deverick Morgan
★★★★★ 10/12/2018
Amazing experience. Great view. Great people. I Have another appointment Monday and I am 96 perfect less afraid.

James Robinson
★★★★★ 10/02/2018
The staff is friendly and well trained.
Natascha Nichols
★★★★★ 10/2/2018
Best dental experience I have had in a long time . Love this guy already!!!
Ray Thomas
★★★★★ 9/18/2018
One of the best dentist I ever visited. First time leaving a review for a dentist. Office was extremely clean, the staff was informative and professional. Plan on making this office my permanent dentist office.
Chloe Major
★★★★★ 9/13/2018
I will never go to any other dentist office. Dr.Kauffman and his team are amazing. I felt like their priority. THE BEST!
Steven Borders
★★★★★ 9/14/2018
I think I've finally found a dentist home in Atlanta after living hear for over 30 years!!! The most caring loving experienced Dentist ever, with the best and most state of the art in house lab with an extremely well trained staff and reasonably priced quality on the planet!!! I came in to have a same day broken crown replacement. And that was a blessing in disguise!!! Being a well experienced jeweler myself I can relate to the state of the art equipment!!! But the passion this Dr has to give his best is unmatched so far by any!!! I've travelled all across the country for the past 20 years and have seen and met many dentist and none compare so far to this one!! I had an appointment with another dentist that had better pricing and after being explained properly the difference, seeing and experiencing the difference no way will I settle for less!!! He's thorough, knowledgeable, caring and well experienced in his craft!! I was impressed when not only did he make my new crown in his office but he made the pure zirconia metal free crystal crown in house for less than the broken one that was replaced that took weeks to get that wasn't as strong, didn't look as good and was partially zirconia with a porcelain coat!!!! Dr Tom Kaufman is definitely the truth!!
Terry Klinkert
★★★★★ 9/5/2018
I will never go to another dentist ever. Have been seeing Dr. Kauffman for 30 years and have complete trust in him. His staff is amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, caring and just nice! I'm not sure who I like best Valerie or Dr. Kauffman!
Yesenia Medellin
★★★★★ 8/30/2018
I can't get over how good my experience with this office from the people in the from (Aja is a total sweetheart) to the doctor! Even before I got there the experience was smooth from instructions on the easiest/closest location to park at, how to get to the suite and everything I needed for the appt. I've visited many doctors for various reasons and my expectations have become very low with those in the medical field. The appointment was straight forward, informative, and got everything done I needed in one visit ( an extra star++) since i won't have to take more time off work.
Maire Rosa
★★★★★ 8/24/2018
My first visit was awesome! The customer on boarding is great, everybody is super welcoming and nice, which help a lot if you are nervous about going to the dentist.
Bennie J. Harris
★★★★★ 8/11/2018
Caring, professional, considerate, compassionate and they will work with you and your insurance provider. Thanks Doc. All praises to Jehovah God Almighty. May he continued to bless you in your work. Bennie

Debra Morgan
★★★★★ 8/9/2018
Very professional place; staff could not be better-I felt like I was in very competent hands with Dr. Kauffman and the office manager, Valerie, could not be more caring! It's a very well-organized and competent place of business.
Alexandra Westberry-McRee
★★★★★ 8/9/2018
My husband is a dentist who greatly looks up to Dr. Kauffman and his practice. When I started to develop a mysterious infection, we reached out to Dr. Kauffman for guidance on what to do. Within days, I had an appointment. I was so impressed by the office's welcoming environment and state-of-the-art equipment. The staff and dentist were extremely thorough in understanding my medical history, x-rays, and considering all possibilities. I understand now why other dentists and doctors hold him in such high esteem. He is one of the best!
MVC Marietta
★★★★★ 8/9/2018
Very professional, caring and competent place of business - Entire staff is caring and the place is tip-top organized. I felt like I was in very good hands there.
Rebecca Rudich
★★★★★ 7/17/2018
Awesome people in the office, awesome dentist. I just wish all professional service offices I deal with could be this wonderful. How often do you get to say you always have a good experience at the dentist's office?

Venita L
★★★★★ 07/10/2018
The whole staff and Dr Kauffman was awesome the service was the best I was scared at first but after his work I was very pleased I trust him totally I would recommend him to anyone thank you and your staff for a great experience and awesome service

Teresa H
★★★★★ 7/4/2018
Polite and professional. Makes going to the dentist non-scary.

Yolanda M
★★★★★ 6/3/2018
I always appreciate the professionalism, timeliness of services and great service provided by Dr. Kauffman and his team.
Tammy Bult
★★★★★ A week ago
Dr Kaufman and his staff are absolutely by far the best! I actually LOVE going to the dentist ! :)
★★★★★ 6/7/2018
Top notch service from the moment you walk thru the door until you walk out!
Dominique Stocks
★★★★★ 05/30/2018
Dr. Kauffman is an excellent dentist and his entire staff is so welcoming. I felt like I was apart of the family. They were very thorough in my cleaning and explained everything every step of the way. I would highly recommend Dr. Kauffman for your dentistry needs, you won't be disappointed.

Kellyn Wolber
★★★★★ 05/22/2018
Dr. Kauffman went over the results of my tomographic scan & findings with me and recommended my treatment program. He was very helpful and personable.

Michael Gleaton
★★★★★ 5/16/2018
Great dentist - been seeing Dr. K since the early 90s and have always received great care and great customer service!

Antonio Pactong
★★★★★ 05/09/2018
Best dentist I have since I arrived to ATL 20 years ago.

John Paterson
★★★★★ 05/03/2018
Excellent as always. Always so friendly and polite. Very thorough. Always do a great job.

Valerie Ross
★★★★★ 05/01/2018
Dr. Kauffman always takes care of me. His staff is friendly and professional. I have always had the most positive experiences there. Their customer service is impeccable!! Dr. Kauffman is knowledgeable and thorough. He is very personable and makes you feel at ease with every service. Dr. Kauffman and his staff are amazing!

Destiny Rolland
★★★★★ 4/28/2018
Excellent. Very professional, caring, and thorough care.

Freed Bethea
★★★★★ 4/26/2018
I've been going to Dr. Kauffman for over 35 years and it's like going to see a long time friend. He has the most friendlies staff ever! They follow suit to his example. He does GREAT work (that is why he is the only one that I will allow to work on my mouth). :-)

Emily Almond
★★★★★ 4/10/2018
I'm as dentist-phobic as it gets, and these folks are amazing. Dr. Kauffman is a talented and kind dentist who always looks for the least-invasive, most conservative solution. And he is surrounded by professionals - Ericka, Mai, Aja, Valerie, Doretha all have been outstandingly efficient, kind, and supportive. (I've had A LOT of work done.) I've recommended Dr. Kauffman to.

Ryan Fulton
★★★★★ 3/28/2018
Dr. Kauffman's dentistry was THE best dentistry I have ever been to. Extremely professional, and you can tell they care about their patients.

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William Fulford
★★★★★ 03/20/2018
Dr Kauffman and staff are like family. Awesome atmosphere.

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K Tomlinson
★★★★★ 03/15/2018
It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Kauffman and experience the thorough way that he goes about meeting your dental needs. Not only is his work excellent but he is surrounded by an excellent staff as well.

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Cynthia Beckham
★★★★★ 03/13/2018
I love the way that the staff make you feel very comfortable. I am glad I found KAUFFMAN.

Tiffany Rivers
★★★★★ 03/11/2018
I've been going to Dr. Kauffman a little over 5 years. Although every experience deserves 5 stars, two stand out the most. The first is when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Turns out I had 5! This required me to have extra medicine (gas, anstesia) but the insurance company didn't want to pay. Dr. Kauffman's staff appealed their decision and got my claim covered! (Why would anyone want to come back for a separate tooth removal because it wasn't it the "standard" package?) The second experience, most recently is when I needed a crown. It had been on my treatment plan for a while, but I procrastinated. Finally, I moved forward with it. The insurance company rejected my claim, saying there was no evidence that I needed one. smirk emoticon I didn't even call after I got the letter because I have that much trust in the staff-they appealed this decision as well and got most of my claim resolved. I'm confident in the staff behind the desk and the medical professionals at the dental chair to provide me with the best service possible. Would definitely recommend this staff to anyone looking for a dentistry!

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Barbara Harris
★★★★★ 03/08/2018
The new Hygienist was kind personable and gentle but thorough. The feedback and information from the hygienist made me realize the need to inquire about having protective coating on my bottom front teeth. It was a great appointment!

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Catherine Lafiandra
★★★★★ 03/07/2018
Great experience as always and I have been going to Dr. Kauffman and his team for over 20 years.

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Danita Norfleet
★★★★★ 03/07/2018
This is by far my best dental experience!!! Every single person in Dr.Kaufmans office was a class act!! I had an emergency situation and was given an appointment the very next day and just let me say I left there smiling!!! Very pleased!!!

Danita Norfleet
★★★★★ 03/06/2018
Omg!!! Best service ever!!! Very professional and from the very first phone call!! I have no complaints! I wish I could give them 10 stars! Everyone from the front desk to Dr.Kaufman was simply amazing!

Michael Hardin
★★★★★ 03/02/2018
Great caring, gentle dentist with great staff. Cannot beat the view from the dental seat. Their technology is amazing.

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Andrea Richardson
★★★★★ 02/03/2018
Dr. Kauffman and his staff are WONDERFUL!! Everyone made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout my entire appointment. I’ve found a new “Dentistry Home”!

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Gregory Batz
★★★★★ 02/02/2018
I was very impressed with Doctor Kauffman and his staff's professionalism and friendlness.

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★★★★★ 01/30/2018
Have been a patient of Dr. K's for almost 30 years. Not only has he contributed to health of my teeth but also my general wellness. He and his staff are always prompt, professional and honest about what to expect. Would recommend this practice to anyone who wants to stay healthy.

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Carol Jackson
★★★★★ 01/22/2018
I have been a patient of Dr. Kauffman's for 15+ years, and counting. For professional excellence and quality dental health care, Dr. K and staff are the best! He and his entire staff are, and will continue to be my dental health care family.

David Blumenfeld
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
With the help of my great EnT doctor (Kingsley Chin), Dr. Kaufman correctly diagnosed a serious problem that had eluded several other specialists and that had persisted for seven years. Following his advice, the malady was cured once and for all. Kudos to Drs. Chin and Kaufman.

Jaretta Engleman
★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
Come to Dr. Kauffman only if you want the BEST possible care in BEST possible atmosphere! Everyone of the office staff members made me feel welcomed and completely comfortable and they were all so knowledgeable. I would say I was treated like a VIP but that doesn't do it justice-they made me feel like family. I had work done today and could not be happier. When you are spending you hard earned money, you want to be taken care of and you want nothing but the best! Rest assured, if you are a patient of Dr. Kauffman, you are getting just that! I will not go anywhere else!

Judi Cohen Wade
★★★★★ 12/23/2017
" As a dentist's daughter, I never thought I would find a practice in Atlanta that would reflect the same total care for its patients as my dad's office. Not only is Dr. Thomas Kauffman the consummate practitioner, his entire staff reflects his personal aim to provide the best care while focusing on the patient's concerns and aesthetic goals. Such a warm office..So professional. "

Jerry Coling
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
"Even prior to arriving, I was thrilled that this would be my dentist. The office staff, particularly Asia and Doretha were very professional and refreshingly kind and went out of their way to give me information. They took their time and listened to ALL my concerns which meant the world to me. I had a negative experience at a different dentist and they empathized even though they had nothing to do with the problem. Asia helped me find a pharmacy to fill my prescription from the other dentist who would not assist in any way. Hands down, the best experience I have ever had before even setting foot in the office. After my 1st visit, I am even more impressed. For starters, I was immediately greeted with a smile and gave my name and Asia lit up to welcome me further. Doretha was a bit further back from the desk but she also introduced herself and welcomed me warmly. After going back and getting my x-rays done with Mai, who was also fabulous and extremely knowledgeable, Dr. Kauffman came back and immediately made me comfortable and explained everything to me in a manner that I understood. He then went further to advise me as though I was his "grand daughter!" You can not go wrong with this practice! If you want an awesome experience and to be put at ease in spite of drill, come here! If you want to quality care from people who really do care, come here! If you want to be treated like the most important patient, like family, come here! Bottom line, this office is exceptional in every way possible! "

Eric Steverson
★★★★★ 12/14/2017
"Really enjoyed the experience. Loved that the staff was very personable and Kelly made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Kauffman lived up to the hype that my friend who referred me, had provided. Doretha was very friendly and professional. Glad I was referred to you! "

Margo Bailey
★★★★★ 12/14/2017
"Dr. Kauffman very professional and painless. The best dentist office I've had the pleasure of visiting. "

★★★★★ 12/13/2017
"Although I was late, Erica was efficient and gave me a great cleaning. "

Tammy Bult
★★★★★ 12/5/2017
"Dr. Kauffman and his staff are amazing! I have and will continue to highly recommend going to see him! "

★★★★★ 10/23/2017
Wesley Robertson
"Great dentist, very friendly and attractive after the visit with follow up calls to check in. Great facilities, state of the art. Really a great experience. Highly recommend!"

★★★★★ 10/20/2017
Gwen Kollar
"I cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about Dr. Kauffman and his staff! I was in Atlanta on business and had a dental "emergency". They were able to squeeze me in VERY quickly, took amazing care to solve my issue and I am so thankful to Dr. Kauffman and the entire team. They were so friendly, compassionate, and did a fabulous job removing my pain and performing a temporary crown on a cracked tooth. Dr. Kauffman provided records & feed back to my dentist in NJ, called me that evening to make sure I made it home safe & sound and was doing well, and is a fabulous dentist (pain free)! The office is amazingly comfortable with wall to wall windows you can view downtown Atlanta from the dental chair. The bathroom is amazing as well - every detail. The office staff did a bang up job at fitting me in, quickly processing paperwork & insurance info, and I was in and out in a few hours from me contacting them. I only wish I lived in Atlanta- as he would be my new dentist in an INSTANT!! Thank you thank you to the whole team!!!"
Petunia Gissendaner
★★★★★ 9/6/2017
"I appreciate the professional environment of this office."
Dee Cook
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
" I love, love, love my beautiful family of Thomas Kauffman's Dentistry. Dr. Kauffman is one of the best in Atlanta. He always does high quality work and still finds time to make you feel right at home. A professional environment with joy and laughter. Everyone in the office greets you with a warm smile. It's such a joy to visit the office."
Raquel Clement
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
" I really enjoy going to the dentist. Yes, I said that! Hard to believe. I have learned so much about taking care of my teeth and gums. I don't have the anxiety I used to experience. I am so glad. The staff is great, their customer service is awesome and Dr. Kauffman is the best."
Jerry Coling
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
"I was there for a teeth cleaning which went very well. I've always appreciated the entire staff's friendliness as well as their individual specialties. Suffice it to say, this is dentistry at its very best. I've been fortunate in that I had a sinus-dental problem that Dr. Kauffman and Dr. Chin, an ENT, have resolve."
Joy Livingstone
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
"If you looking for one of. The nest in. Ga. Look no. Further he is located. Right down. Atlanta. Inside the. Ga pacifc. Bldg I have been going to him for over yrs. He is my dentist. Thanks joy. Livi"
Aaron Andrews
★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
"Everyone was very friendly and professional. Dr. Kauffman is a real pro and took his time with me to explain everything going on with my mouth. He is extremely knowledgable. (side note: the view is amazing from 40 floors up) The experience could not have been better. Go see them!"
George Brown
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
"I first started seeing Dr. Kauffman over 25 years ago and now he attends to all of my family's dental needs. The quality of care is world class largely in part to Dr. Kauffman's attention to detail and his desire to keep abreast of the best and latest dental practices. On my latest procedure, he described how he traveled across the country so that he could acquire training from the doctor who developed the technique along with the specialized apparatus. I simply cannot say enough about the quality of care and the level of professionalism and pleasant demeanor of the entire staff."
Ed Tomlinson
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago "I broke a tooth under a crown recently and the crown came off. Dr. K's staff got in me promptly and a few hours later the tooth was repaired and a new crown was in place. The staff is excellent and Dr. K's skills are absolutely amazing."
Arngeir Greybeard
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
"I love Dr Kauffman and his team! I have been a patient for over 20 years and I've always received outstanding service and treatment."
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
"Best practice ive ever been too. I absolutely love the entire staff. Dr. Kauffman is the best!"
Kathleen Reese
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago "Does great work and has a great office staff! Very knowledgeable and good at calming a nervous patient."
Mansur Khan
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
"Excellent dental care, i got my crown on the same day and have been pain free since.Wonderful service.:-)"
Carlotta Fok
"Dr. Kauffman is the most wonderful, caring, and amazing dentist. I was in Atlanta for a 3-day conference and had a toothache. They scheduled me in right away for an emergency appointment. I found out I had a full sinus infection from an abscessed tooth. Dr. Thomas took the time to perform an emergency root canal procedure, and scheduled me an appointment with an ENT specialist right away. He took the time to treat me and analyze my x-ray carefully. His whole team tried to help me to obtain appointment and information. I was so touched by how caring he and his team is. Very impressed!! More dentists should be like him! I am so grateful to have found him."
Susan A.
" I have been seeing Dr. Kauffman for fifteen years. He is a great dentistand his support staff is awesome. They have never let anything regarding care or business matters fall between the cracks. It is easy to make appointments and they run things very punctually and efficiently. I have recently not been able to get in for cleanings much but they do not make me feel guilty. They just smile and work to get you back on track."
Joy Kennedy
"I was there for a consultation and special scan that my ENT recommended. I was very impressed by the staff and by Dr. Kauffman. The scan was interesting and amazing. Dr. took the time to discuss, explain and answer all questions; and WAS NOT condescending or impatient! He also did a regular dental exam and discussed those findings without any "upsell", at all. Valerie was very helpful with insurance/financial arrangements. Thank you Dr. Kauffman, Valerie and staff, what a refreshing experience. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again. BTW, loved the Welcome Bag."
"The level of care and concern that Dr. Kauffman consistently provides is amazing. Best dentist EVER!!"

"Everyone in the office is pleasant and seem to really enjoy being there for the clients. I really enjoy Dr. Kauffman and his staff. I definitely will return."

"Thank you very much for spending the time with a complicated problem. I appreciate you and your staff."

Jerry Coling
"I have been a patient for almost 10 years. Dr. Kauffman and his staff have always shown the utmost professionalism. They take care to give you the information necessary to make informed decisions. He will always be my dentist."

"I was there foe a teeth cleaning which went very well. I've always appreciated the entire staff's friendliness as well as their individual specialties Suffice it to say, this is dentistry at its best. I've been fortunate in that I had a sinus-dental problem that Dr. KAuffman and Dr. Chin, an ENT, have solved."
Stephanie Sidney
"I'm very pleased with the dental care I've received from Dr. Kauffman and his staff. I was a patient around 2000-2003, until i moves out of the state for a few years, but sought out Dr. Kauffman in 2014 after moving back to ATL because of the quality of service I received, his chair-side manner, and the overall energy in the office. I've had crowns, fillings, cleanings- a variety of services and never had a problem. There's filtered water and tea in the front waiting area. Patients are even provided in the restroom wit supplies like toothbrushes, tooth paste, floss, mouthwash- which is so helpful for those times I've has to rush to get to the dental appointment during work. Also Dr. Kauffman's office validates parking which is huge since, if you cant find a meter, downtown parking is expensive and most businesses downtown do not validate. Valerie and Doretha, along with Lisa as my hygienist, have all been very efficient, friendly, and attentive over time as well. If you're looking for exceptional dental care, i highly recommend Dr. Kauffman."

Lighthouse Review

April, 12, 2016
"I'd broken a tooth and they got me in as quickly as they could. I ws told i would need a crown, which was worrisome since i am very nervous about having to go to the dentist. Mai put me at ease, even rubbing my shoulderwhen i was getting the novicaine shots. I got so relaxed under the music from the headphones and dark shades they gave me to protect my eyes. I almost fell asleep, even while Dr. Kauffman was drilling. The dental equipment is "State of the Art" and everyone there is very nice. I also love the fact that they make their own crowns on site, same day, so I didnt have to come back for a fitting, and the crown looks very good, like my other teeth. Ive already scheduled an appointment to come back for a full check up. I'd had trouble finding a dentist that i like here in Atlanta, but now i think I've finally gotten the right one." ~April Henty

Google Maps Review

July 8, 2016
" I will never go to another dentist ever. Have been seeing Dr. Kauffman for 30 years and have complete trust in him. His staff is amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, caring and just nice! I'm not sure who i like best Valerie or Dr. Kauffman" ~Terry Klinkert

Yelp Review

August 9, 2016
"Dr. Kauffman and all of his staff were professional and thorough. Even though I was nervous, they all made me feel at ease. They were compassionate and caring while still taking care of my dental needs. I left there knowing that i had received the best dental care possible. Dr. Kauffman has been doing this for 40 years and it showed in the care i received." ~Ruth C

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