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Dr. Kauffman believes in providing comprehensive care to his patients.  Through partnerships with dental specialists and other healthcare professionals in the Atlanta area, Dr. Kauffman has helped many patients with cross-specialty conditions that require consultative and collaborative approaches.

One such condition is known as Maxillary Sinusitis of Dental Origin (MSDO).  This condition is an infection of one or more of the maxillary sinuses through an infection of the root(s) of the upper posterior teeth.  This trans-antral inflammation and/or infection typically occurs when an infected upper posterior root has perforated through the marrow and the thin lamella of bone at the maxillary sinus floor.  It is not uncommon for the roots of upper posterior teeth to reside within the antral alveolar recess, but the risk of MSDO is greater when that condition is present.

MSDO is a hard condition to diagnose especially in patients that are status post-FESS, and it can be many months or even years before it is detected.  Dr. Kauffman has invested in a dental-grade cone beam CT unit, with a large field-of-view that allows for preliminary confirmation or early-warning of possible MSDO complications.  Combined with the power of this technology is a comprehensive exam and consultation process that Dr. Kauffman has refined with experience using two separate imaging software applications

Dr. Kauffman has treated many patients with MSDO complications, in conjunction with a team of ENT physicians and a maxillofacial radiologist.  If you have a patient that has symptoms of MSDO and you believe they could benefit from a dental evaluation by a professional with experience in this field please fill out the "Patient Referral" form, and send it via encrypted email to the address enclosed.

Physician Testimonial:

Watch Dr. Chin an Atlanta area ENT physician discuss his working relationship with Dr. Kauffman.

Continuing Education Involvement:

Dr. Kauffman believes that staying on the cutting edge of dental medicine is necessary to ensure a superior level of patient care. Obtaining 3 times the minimum annual continuing education credits required, He encourages and promotes the general advancement of the dental profession through lecturing and providing a venue for continuing education for other dental professionals. Listed below are some of the events that Dr. Kauffman has participated in the past year:

2018 Events...

This year has been another milestone reaching year for Dr. Kauffman. Becoming the 14th dentist in the United States to be IAC accredited for the Planmeca Promax 3D xray machine was nothing short of  persistent, hard work and proficient diplomacy from him and his staff. In addition, Dr. Kauffman continues to connect with the interdisciplinary medical and dental study group. This year they have covered a number of relevant topics such as "Status post surgical complications-diagnosis and treatment", "Medico-legal updates of interest to physicians and dentists", and " General dentistry 101- implants to inflammation and beyond" taught by Dr. Kauffman himself.

Georgia Mission of Merci, also known as GMOM hosted their outreach program this past August. Dr. Kauffman was a proud contributor to helping hundreds of patients get treated who otherwise would not have been able to receive the dental care they needed.

2017 Events...

Dr. Kauffman started the year off by taking his entire staff to a Hinman members meeting called Peak Performance and Maximum Energy, presented by Dr. Uche Odiatu. This high energy, interactive meeting got the team off to a running start for the year. Dr. Kauffman and his team are excited to reach their peak performance and maximize their energy using the tools from the meeting in order to provide Dr. Kauffman's patients with the best care possible.

Through out the year Dr. Kauffman continues earning continuing education credits through is his study group CIDS, and the GDA.

  • Jan-March
    • "Best year of your life"
    • "Facial PAin and TMJ disorders: A practice Approach"
    • "Surgical Options in treatment of OSA/SDB"
  • April-June
    • "Implants in the Anterior Esthetic Zone"
    • "Mandibular Respositioning Orthotics: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment, How does it affect the cervical spine"
    • "Neurosurgical concepts of interest to Dentists and Physicians: New Development in spinal surgery"
    • "Legal Trends and Upadates Affecting Maximizing Esthetics in full mouth Rehablitation in a multi-disciplinary Approach"
  • July-September
    • "Allergies (Environmental and Others": Diagnosis and Treatment"
    • "Treatment for the Mind Body and Soul: the role Meditation and Mindfulness plays in Conventional Medicine"
  • October-December
    • "CT Imaging of Interest to Physicians and Dentists"
    • "Airway Management"
    • "Minimal and Moderate Crisis resource Management"

2016 Events...

  • June 23, 2016 Dr.Kauffman co-hosted a continuing education course about Accelerated Tomography and CBVT Imaging for dentists in the country. Among the topics discussed in the course, Dr. Kauffman presented Topics on Sinus diesease and non-resloving sinusitis disussing how diagnosis is possible in the dental office with 3D CBVT imaging whereas traditional imaging would miss these important dianostic fields.  In addition,  Dr. Kauffman also lectured about ways to effectively in calaboration with medical colleagues.
  • This year Dr. Kauffman currently has earned over 80 continuing education credits, in courses like CBCT imaging, staff management, and pediatric dentistry

2015 Events...

CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration:

Las Vegas September 17-19, 2015:

Cerec 30 Conference - Dentistry for over three decades

Dr. Kauffman will be one of the featured speakers at the CEREC 30 conference in Las Vegas.  CEREC, by Sirona, is the same-day crown technology that Dr. Kauffman has used for several years.

In recognition of his exemplary implementation of CEREC CAD/CAM technology with 3D X-ray solutions and implant planning, Dr. Kauffman has been asked to share his knowledge and experience with CEREC Doctors at the conference. (For more information click the picture).

Featured Speaker at CEREC conference - Dr. Kauffman - Downtown Atlanta Dentist

Year-Round Events...

Complex Interdisciplinary Study Club Founded by Dr. Thomas W. Kauffman in Atlanta area

The Complex Interdisciplinary Study Club (CIDS) was founded by Dr. Kauffman with the goal of elevating not only his own dental expertise, but also those of fellow Atlanta-area practitioners.  Since inception CIDS has evolved far beyond just a dental scope.

CIDS is currently host to over 15 healthcare professionals with specialties ranging from General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Physical Therapy, ENT, Neurology, Neuroradiology, to Ophthalmology.  This incredibly diverse group of healthcare professionals meets on a regular basis to discuss where the lines between distinct medical fields blur, and the benefits of coordinated patient care begin.

Scheduled presentations and discussions for this year alone include the following topics:

  • Overview & Risks of Oral-Systemic Links: Periodontal Therapy & Implants as Solutions to Infection
  • Restoring the Oral Foundation: Gum Procedures for Health & Cosmetics
  • The Temporomandibular Joint – The Foundation of the Masticatory System
  • Vertigo & Dizziness: Diagnosis, Assessment, & Management
  • Current Trends in Maxillofacial Imaging of Interest to MD/DDS
  • Contemporary Facial Plastic Surgery – What is the State of the Art?

Dr. Kauffman and the rest of the CIDS members share a deep passion for medical/scientific knowledge and improving patient care.  This passion flows from the continuing education environment directly to the level and type of care Dr. Kauffman provides his patients.

2014 Events...

Las Vegas October 24-25, 2014:

The Scientific Symposium Speakers and Topics


Dr. Kauffman gave a lecture on the importance of CBVT imaging to the general practicing dentist to a packed out auditorium in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 1st annual CEREC Scientific Symposium.

Implant Placement hosted by Dr. Thomas W. Kauffman, DDS, PC

This past September Dr. Kauffman hosted the 2nd Surgical Anatomy, Cadaveric Dissection, & Implant Placement course.  Renowned instructor Dr. Mohamed Sharawy, BDS, PhD, professor emeritus at the Regent's University School of Dental Surgery, led the course.  It was an exciting and packed weekend of continuing education experience!

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Recently Featured on "Heart to Heart" on Sirius-XM Doctor's Radio:

Dr. Kauffman was a featured guest on Dr. Fred Feit's weekly "Heart to Heart" Sirius-XM show on Doctor's Radio (station 110). The show originally aired on March 9th, 2016. Dr. Feit is a cardiologist at the Langone Medical Center, NYU. The full show can be found here...

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Recently Featured in CEREC Doctor's Magazine:

Cerec Doctors Dentist Downtown Atlanta GA
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