Cosmetic Dentistry

Atlanta GA Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry GA

There are numerous reasons for seeking cosmetic dental procedures from repairing natural deformities (crooked teeth, poor bite) to merely making a smile more beautiful and bright.  Here at Dr. Kauffman’s we are well experienced all forms of cosmetic dentistry.

We can help you decide what type of procedure would best help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

  • Veneers: are beautiful partial crowns that can restore a smile line and give beautiful and lasting cover.
  • Bonding: can repair small defects present in teeth, such as small cracks or chips with resin composite materials:
  • Bleaching or Teeth Whitening: a process of getting teeth to a desired, lighter, shade.

Before any cosmetic work can be performed, you must have a comprehensive dental exam so that we can build a customized plan for you.  Each case is unique and may require a few stages of treatment.  

To ensure that the optimal treatment is performed we will perform a comprehensive exam to determine which options would be best for you and then develop a plan with a timetable that would work for you.  The plan is comprehensive and should cover available options, a timetable, and ways to maximize your insurance coverage.

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