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By Thomas W. Kauffman, DDS, PC
December 15, 2014
Category: Oral Health
If you want to keep those pearly whites bright, then avoid these popular drinks.
Think about the first thing you do in the morning. Do you turn on your coffee pot? What tends to be your go-to beverage in the lull of the afternoon when you start to feel tired at your work desk? While we should be consuming more water, we often find it more appealing to opt for something with sugar, caffeine or flavoring. However, to maintain a radiant, healthy smile it’s best to keep these drinks out of your fridge and your mouth:


Teeth Whitening

Soda is one of the leading causes of tooth decay, as the high acidity can weaken enamel and cause cavities. While it’s always best to avoid drinking soda altogether, for those soda lovers who just can’t say no we recommend limiting your intake, as well as adopting good oral hygiene and seeing your Atlanta dentist regularly.


Reaching for your morning cup of coffee might feel like an everyday habit for you; however, as we all know coffee is one of the biggest culprits for yellow teeth. If you can’t part ways with your caffeine for good there are some ways to keep stains at a minimum: reduce the amount of coffee you drink each day, drink coffee through a straw and don’t sip your cup of coffee all day. Luckily, coffee stains are some of the easiest to treat with teeth whitening in downtown Atlanta.


We all know that red wine is notorious for dental stains; however, white wine also has the same effect. Plus, the acidity in wine can also wear away at your tooth’s enamel. And if you are a wine and tea drinker, you may be causing even more problems for your teeth. A New York University study found that those who drank tea right after white wine had more severe stains than those who didn’t partake of the pre-tea cocktail.


Just like wine black tea also contains tannins, which produce some pretty nasty stains. In fact, tea can cause some more serious stains than coffee. If you must have your cup of tea but want to avoid its damaging affects, opt for herbal, green or white teas, which are less aggressive on your smile.

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While avoiding these drinks will certainly help maintain a more radiant smile, even just the effects of normal aging can cause stains and yellowing over time. If whitening toothpastes just aren’t cutting it, consider getting teeth whitening in downtown Atlanta. Most patients only need one treatment and we can get you the whiter smile you want in under an hour. Call us to find out more.
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By Dr. Kauffman
September 11, 2014
Category: Lecture
Tags: Dentist   Lecture   Bone Grafting  

This fall, Dr. Kauffman along with the Atlanta Complex Interdisciplinary Study Club, will welcome guest lecturer, Dr. Mohamed Sharawy. Dr. Sharaway, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,will present at the Downtown Ritz-Carlton and the Georgia-Pacific Center September 19-21.

The three-day course titledSurgical Anatomy, Advanced Bone Grafting, and Cadaveric Dissection of Interest to Dental Implantologists will focus on immersion and is intended for serious students who desire to obtain a deeper knowledge and skill in the dynamic, ever-changing field of dental medicine from a renowned, highly skilled dental professional. The course will consist of full day onsite lectures and offsite labs, and students will receive 24 hours of CE credit following completion of the course.

Course Agenda

Check-in for the weekend will begin at 3 p.m. on Thursday, September 18 followed by evening cocktails in the Ritz Lobby Bar. Meals will be provided throughout the duration of the event, including an informal southern style dinner at Dr. Kauffman’s home on Saturday evening.

Discussion topics and lab work includes: local anesthetics techniques, demonstration of endoscopic approach, and intraoral bone harvesting and sinus lift procedures, to name a few.

Spouses or significant others are welcome to join course participants for meals. A shopping excursion and luncheon at Phipps Plaza is also planned by Dr. Kauffman’s wife, Janelle, for accompanying guests.

Only 20 spots are available for the three-day experience. Students can review the full weekend agenda and register online by visiting Dr. Kauffman’s website.

Upcoming Presentations: A Commitment to Continuing Education

Dr. Kauffman brings more than 36 years of experience to the field. His passion and dedication to superior patient care and the advancement of the dental profession is evidenced in his commitment to cutting edge dental medicine and the promotion of long-term continuing education. Dr. Kauffman participates in a variety of speaking engagements every year and provides a venue for continuing education for other dental professionals. To provide the latest treatments for his patients, he regularly completes continuing education coursework on cosmetics, implant restorations, CAD-CAM, radiology and oral medicine.

This month he will present on CBVT imaging at the Georgia Dental Association where he is a trained spokesperson. In October he will be the featured presenter at a national CEREC scientific symposium in Las Vegas.

To register for the September course or to view future lectures presented by Dr. Kauffman, visit