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By Thomas W. Kauffman, DDS, PC
June 20, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: dentist emergency  
Dental Emergency - Atlanta emergency dental careA dental emergency is any occurrence that requires the immediate assistance or attention of a dental professional. Dentists like Atlanta GA dentist Dr. Thomas W Kauffman DDS offer emergency services for patients in urgent need of care. Here are some tips for what to do and a dental emergency.

Home Care Tips

When there's a dental emergency, there are a few things that can be done at home in advance of seeing a professional Atlanta GA dentist:
- If the side of the face swells or aches, apply ice to the cheek.
- Keep a tooth in milk to bring into the dentist to see if it can be rebonded or implanted.
- Try plugging a cavity with sugar-free gum.
- Try rinsing the mouth with a half teaspoon of salt to a glass of water throughout the day until you see the dentist to calm inflammation and control bleeding.
- Placing a cold tea bag to a bleeding tooth may help ease the pain.
- In the case of an infection, avoid eating or drinking solid foods until seeing an emergency dentist.

Visiting the Emergency Room

When experiencing a dental emergency, some people have to resort to the extreme of visiting in emergency room. This should be a last option because unfortunately, qualified dentists aren't always on staff in hospital ERs. The best dental care that many emergency room doctors can provide is pain medication or extraction. A dentist who specializes in these issues, and can save your tooth best provides quality dental care.

Call an Emergency Dentist

The best option when you have a dental emergency is to get in touch with an emergency dentist. For urgent matters that require a dentist, Atlanta area residents call on Dr. Thomas W Kauffman for assistance. He is conveniently located at 133 Peachtree Street N.E. and accepts appointment requests from his website or calls at (404) 524-1981. Visit his website for patient education on common oral health concerns.

By Thomas W. Kauffman, DDS, PC
June 03, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Dental Checkups  
dental checkup dental cleaning As the summer months begin, you’re likely feeling like there’s something you forgot to do. The answer is: Make your dental appointment with Dr. Kauffman. You’re already six months into the year, and if you haven’t come for a regular check-up yet, now is the time to schedule.
May was re-commitment month. That can extend to re-committing to a New Year’s Resolution workout routine and certainly means re-committing to taking steps to protect your dental health.
Dr. Kauffman recommends most of his patients visit the dentist at least twice yearly. The reason for this is that bacteria are constantly invading your mouth, collecting and hardening into plaque and tartar. This process typically takes about six months to fully take hold. By visiting Dr. Kauffman’s Atlanta family dentistry office twice yearly, you can help keep cavities at bay.
Some exceptions do exist to the twice-yearly rule. This includes patients who have had a significant history of dental decay and disease who may need more frequent cleanings and fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth. This is also true for patients who have conditions or take medications that cause dry mouth. Examples could include patients with diabetes or patients who take medications for depression and/or high blood pressure. If you have these conditions, it’s important to let Dr. Kauffman know as he can recommend treatments to maintain saliva flow and reduce the risk for cavities.
Your dental health and your overall health are closely related. So don’t ignore either this summer…re-commitment today to a healthier smile for the rest of 2014.
If you haven’t visited Dr. Kauffman’s Atlanta dentistry office in some time, please call (404) 524-1981 to schedule an appointment. Our caring and friendly staff will be happy to see you.