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What is Causing My Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain doesn't just ruin your day, it can dominate your life. For relief and improvement of your oral health, contact your emergency dentist in Downtown Atlanta, GA, Dr. Thomas Kauffman. With his expert diagnostic and treatment techniques, you'll smile and feel like yourself again.

Kinds of tooth pain and their causes

The intensity of your tooth pain varies from mild to severe, dull to throbbing, intermittent to constant. Whatever your kind of pain, you want relief and to keep your tooth if possible. When you see your emergency dentist downtown Atlanta professional, he'll ask you about your pain--its character, when it started, and what may relieve it.

Also, Dr. Kauffman will look at your tooth and surrounding hard and soft tissues. He may gently tap on your tooth, or apply ice to it to assess your reaction. Finally, he'll use the latest in X-ray technology to see what's happening inside your tooth, its root structure, and surrounding bone. Based on his findings, he may diagnose:

  • Dental decay
  • A dental abscess or infection
  • Exposed tooth roots or thin enamel (sensitivity to pressure, heat, and cold is the most common type of tooth pain, says the Academy of General Dentistry.)
  • A cracked or chipped tooth, filling or crown
  • Misaligned dental bite
  • Jaw joint dysfunction (TMJ/TMD)
  • Trauma to the mouth, resulting in fracture or tooth displacement
  • Periodontal disease
  • Impacted teeth (wisdom teeth are often encased in the gum tissue and/or bone)
  • It may actually not be related to a tooth-related problem. ¬†Many times other rare types of neuropathic pain or even cardiac pain can be perceived as a toothache, headache, or even jaw pain.

Healing dental pain at your emergency dentist downtown Atlanta

Dr. Kauffman wants to know about your dental pain right away. Some toothaches are easily remedied. For instance, sensitivity often responds well to fluoride treatments, sealants, or specialty toothpaste. TMJ/TMD and the wear and tear of bruxism improve with customized bite guards to cushion both arches of teeth.

However, more severe problems, such as dental abscess, need advanced interventions. Your infected tooth may need root canal therapy. A same-day porcelain crown or tooth-colored filling repairs deep decay. An orthodontic consultation will tell you if braces or aligners can fix your bite and your painful back teeth.

Finally, as a last resort, your emergency dentist downtown Atlanta may extract a heavily damaged, infected, fractured, or impacted tooth. But, don't despair. Dr. Kauffman's restorative and emergency services are second to none. If there's a way to save a sick tooth, he can find it.

Get your life back

Contact Dr. Thomas Kauffman and his dedicated team for a quick assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of any dental symptom, including pain. We're here to help you with routine care and emergency dentistry. Phone our Downtown Atlanta, GA office for a quick response: (404) 524-1981.

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