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The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss

Neglect is one of the most common reasons for teeth loss. This not only occurs from having poor oral hygiene or not visiting the dentist regularly, but also through poor lifestyle choices like smoking and indulging in too many sweets. In general, tooth loss will result in infection, periodontal disease, and malignancies among others.

Here at the office of Dr. Thomas Kauffman, DDS, PC, in Atlanta Downtown, GA, we use dental implants, dentures, and bridges to prevent complications of tooth loss.

Causes of Tooth Loss

According to the American Dental Association, periodontal/gum disease is considered as one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the world. This is followed by poor dental care. Tooth loss is commonly observed predominantly in people 35 years and older, with men being more prone than women. Many of those who have lost a tooth at that age or even earlier have never gotten professional dental help at any point. For some, the only form of dental help was at the point when tooth extraction was being done.

What Happens When You Lose a Tooth?

There are many negative effects of tooth loss like losing confidence or not being able to smile properly because of the gap. It could likewise lead to other dental problems that eventually affect the adjacent tooth. However, other negative effects that must be given importance include:

  • Bone Loss: Few realize the full relationship between our teeth and the jawbone. To keep the jawbone healthy, it needs to be stimulated by your teeth regularly. When you lose some of your teeth, your jawbone density decreases up to 25% in the first year alone. As you lose more bone density, the easier it will be for your tooth to fall off.
  • Changing Position: Losing a tooth could create a shift in your mouth. This is because the remaining teeth compensate for the loss and try to minimize the gap. This results in more oral problems as the increased gap can lead to food getting caught easier between teeth, resulting in more tooth decay, affecting the function of your mouth, and excessive jaw joint pain.
  • Structure Collapse: You may not notice it immediately, but as you lose more teeth and bone density, your bite begins to collapse. This results in the structure of your face collapsing as well. The compromised structure of your teeth will create a hollow look on your cheeks, making it look as though the lower half of your face has collapsed in on itself.

Solutions for Teeth Loss

The more attention you put to preventing tooth loss, the better and easier the problem becomes. Having a good oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist in Atlanta Downtown, GA, at least twice a year will go a long way in protecting you against tooth loss.

What if you have already lost a tooth? Dentures, bridges, and dental implants can help restore the look of your face and the functionality of your mouth. Among these, dental implants are most desired because they help to strengthen and stimulate the jawbone.

To Learn More About Your Tooth Replacement Options, such as Dentures, Bridges, or Dental Implants, Contact Us

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