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Don't Ignore Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is almost always an immediate sign that you have significant decay or serious damage to a tooth. In the case of a toothache, it is crucial that you see your dentist as soon as possible. Ignoring tooth pain could have serious consequences. Find out why you should never ignore your tooth pain with Dr. Thomas Kauffman at his practice in Downtown Atlanta, GA.

What does tooth pain mean?
Tooth pain usually means that the nerves which reside in the inner, hollow portion of the tooth have become damaged or infected by decay. If you experience a toothache, your dentist will probably suggest a root canal to clean the decay from the inside of the tooth and replace the tooth’s missing structure with a composite resin material and, in most cases, place a dental crown on top of the tooth to provide protection.

What happens if tooth pain is left untreated?
Tooth pain indicates an advanced issue like serious decay. Though it tends to progress slowly, decay can cause serious issues like tooth loss. Leaving a tooth untreated eventually causes the tooth to literally decay right out of its socket, resulting in the tooth falling out. During this process, you will experience pain and, most likely, infection, which can lead to an abscess or spread to other areas of the body like the heart or brain.

How will my dentist help my tooth pain?
Depending on the stage of your decay, your dentist will perform a dental filling or root canal to clear the tooth of infection and restore its natural structure. If you have a toothache, chances are that your tooth is so heavily infected that you will need a root canal to completely clear the tooth’s inner contents before filling it with composite resin materials.

Tooth Pain Treatments in Downtown Atlanta, GA
Do not put off treating your tooth pain. If you have a toothache, you should see your dentist as soon as possible to find the best course of treatment for you. For more information on tooth pain or how your dentist treats it, please contact Dr. Kauffman at his practice in Downtown Atlanta, GA. Call (404) 524-1981 to schedule your appointment today!

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