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Jerry Coling
"I have been a patient for almost 10 years. Dr. Kauffman and his staff have always shown the utmost professionalism. They take care to give you the information necessary to make informed decisions. He will always be my dentist."


"I was there foe a teeth cleaning which went very well. I've always appreciated the entire staff's friendliness as well as their individual specialties Suffice it to say, this is dentistry at its best. I've been fortunate in that I had a sinus-dental problem that Dr. KAuffman and Dr. Chin, an ENT, have solved."
Stephanie Sidney
"I'm very pleased with the dental care I've received from Dr. Kauffman and his staff. I was a patient around 2000-2003, until i moves out of the state for a few years, but sought out Dr. Kauffman in 2014 after moving back to ATL because of the quality of service I received, his chair-side manner, and the overall energy in the office. I've had crowns, fillings, cleanings- a variety of services and never had a problem. There's filtered water and tea in the front waiting area. Patients are even provided in the restroom wit supplies like toothbrushes, tooth paste, floss, mouthwash- which is so helpful for those times I've has to rush to get to the dental appointment during work. Also Dr. Kauffman's office validates parking which is huge since, if you cant find a meter, downtown parking is expensive and most businesses downtown do not validate. Valerie and Doretha, along with Lisa as my hygienist, have all been very efficient, friendly, and attentive over time as well. If you're looking for exceptional dental care, i highly recommend Dr. Kauffman."

Lighthouse Review 

April, 12, 2016 
"I'd broken a tooth and they got me in as quickly as they could. I ws told i would need a crown, which was worrisome since i am very nervous about having to go to the dentist. Mai put me at ease, even rubbing my shoulderwhen i was getting the novicaine shots. I got so relaxed under the music from the headphones and dark shades they gave me to protect my eyes. I almost fell asleep, even while Dr. Kauffman was drilling. The dental equipment is "State of the Art" and everyone there is very nice. I also love the fact that they make their own crowns on site, same day, so I didnt have to come back for a fitting, and the crown looks very good, like my other teeth. Ive already scheduled an appointment to come back for a full check up. I'd had trouble finding a dentist that i like here in Atlanta, but now i think I've finally gotten the right one." ~April Henty

Google Maps Review 

July 8, 2016 
" I will never go to another dentist ever. Have been seeing Dr. Kauffman for 30 years and have complete trust in him. His staff is amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, caring and just nice! I'm not sure who i like best Valerie or Dr. Kauffman" ~Terry Klinkert 

Yelp Review 

 August 9, 2016 
"Dr. Kauffman and all of his staff were professional and thorough. Even though I was nervous, they all made me feel at ease. They were compassionate and caring while still taking care of my dental needs. I left there knowing that i had received the best dental care possible. Dr. Kauffman has been doing this for 40 years and it showed in the care i received." ~Ruth C